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Web development tools help website builders deploy complex sites with easy to use tools

Website Builder

Getting a web page, website or any internet based application online requires utilizing one of several scripting languages of the web, including HTML, Flash, JSP, PHP, ASP. Of these, HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is the most popular and easy to use programming language.

HTML is a coding language that has been used to create web pages on the world wide web since the beginning of the Internet. As the web evolves, programming and web development has become more
complex, and website building has seen a great influx of powerful website builder applications.

While hand coded pages were once the way to go; tools, templates and powerful website builder software suites have taken their rightful place with the majority of professional website developers. Utilization of a website builder can help propel your website development project to new heights. By utilizing new built in functionality and leveraging the time saving aspects of pre-defined templates, web development has significantly changed over the last 10 years. For newcomers and first time website builders, many hosting providers will supply access to online website builder programs, templates and even online website wizards, that let you build a website step by step by making simple choices and adding custom copy and graphics.

While many of these step by step website programs can be easy, they lack the sophistication, freedom and flexibility that hosting and building your own website provides. For most website builders, engaging a web hosting provider and hand building websites with popular website builder tools is the way to go. There are dozens of commercial website builder packages available. Here are three of our favorite website builder tools:

One of the most popular website builder tools is Microsoft® FrontPage®, a site creation and management software tool. As one of the most popular website builder software packages, FrontPage® makes website building as easy as writing a document in MS Word. If you can create and save documents in MS Word, then you can use Frontage. One of the best features of this website software is the built in File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Once you have your website hosting server space in place, you can simply connect with FrontPage®, and when you hit SAVE, your HTML documents are easily and quickly saved up on the server. FrontPage® also offer several built in BOTS, pre-built web components, and pre-designed elements that can make web site development a snap. In order for Front Page to work, your web hosting provider must support the FrontPage® Extensions. Luckily, both FrontPage® 98 and FrontPage ®2000 are widely supported by many web hosting companies.

Cold Fusion is a scripting language for website designers that do advanced database applications. Cold Fusions website builder software is designed to interface quickly and easily with data base application, making web developments with databases development easier than traditional coding methods. Website builders with large amounts of database interfacing typically rely on Cold Fusion, which supports several different popular database protocols.

What is the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C):
World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) develops interoperable technologies (specifications, guidelines, software, and tools) to lead the Web to its full potential


Macromedia Dreamweaver is a professional website builder suite of tools including an advanced HTML editor for designing websites. Dreamweaver provides both a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) design based interface or the popular code based view. Dreamweaver has become the popular tool of choice for many professional web developers. One of the best features of Dreamweaver includes a W3C web compliance module, that allows website builders to assure their code not only looks good, but is up to the standards of the W3C.

Website development can be a complex undertaking, but learning, understanding and utilizing the new website builder tools can help new (and experienced) web developers create incredible web applications.

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