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Shared Hosting

shared web hosting provides a shared server environment where multiple websites utilize measured amounts of server resources

Shared Web Hosting

Shared Web Hosting referees to the web site hosting scenario where several websites, from different companies and different owners are all hosted on a single server resource. Shared Web hosting is the most common and least expensive hosting option.

While much less expensive than the Dedicated Server scenario, Shared Web Hosting can be problematic for several reasons, including the fact that major Search Engines may tend to group sites on the same server together.  So for example, if your shared web host is also providing hosting for an undesirable site, other sites that share that same web server, than your site and the undesirable site may be linked together, as they both share a common C Class.  There are services that offer Shared Web Hosting with Unique IP and C Class available.  Check out SEO Hosting for a combination of shared web hosting and Search Engine Friendly Web Hosting. 

Many web developers fail to recognize the importance of a unique IP or the C Class, and simply join the least expensive hosting plan they can find.  If natural SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a part of your marketing strategy, then searching for a SEO friendly Hosting company is recommended.  However, shared web hosting is usually sufficient for most small and medium sized businesses.

More Details on Shared Web Hosting:
A web hosting service provides both space on a server and internet connectivity in a data center. Shared web hosting is a type of server in which more than one web host is contained on a single physical server. This is a very economical option because many people share the overall cost of the server’s maintenance.

In shared hosting, a provider is responsible for the management of all the servers, updating the server software, and other aspects of the system. Shared web hosting is used by many different types of customers ranging from small firms to multi million dollar companies with thousands of customers and clients.

Shared web hosting occurs in two different ways; name based and IP based. Name based web hosting allows different hosts to have different names on the same machine with the same IP address. Contrary, in IP based hosting, each host has a different IP address, and this address is used to determine which web site is on their server.

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