Free Wordpress Themes

1) Beautiful Day WordPress Theme

Beautiful Day WordPress ThemeBeautiful Day is a soft and bright two-column Wordpress Theme developed from a template made by Arcsin. It supports Widgets.


2) Summer Breeze WordPress Theme

Summer Breeze WordPress Theme Summer Breeze is a one column Wordpress theme. Its lightweight ,simple and colorful. Ideal design for bloggers with a lot of content. Developed by Arcsin


3) Natural Essence WordPress Theme

Natural Essence WordPress ThemeSoft and natural two-column theme supporting widgets. 2 columns, Brown, Fixed width, Right sidebar, Rounded corners, Widget ready.

DOWNLOAD Natural Essence WordPress Theme

4) Dirtylicious WordPress Theme

Dirtylicious WordPress Theme Dirtylicious is a soft-colored, bright and somewhat dirty two-column theme. 2 columns, Fixed width, Left sidebar, White, Widget ready. World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) compliant.

DOWNLOAD Dirtylicious WordPress Theme

5) Transparentia WordPress Theme

Transparentia WordPress Theme Transparentia is a 2 column widget friendly theme originally developed by Arcsin. It is light , simple and slightly blue.

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6) Beautiful Day WordPress Theme

Bitter Sweet WordPress ThemeBitter Sweet WordPress Theme. Bitter Sweet is a template developed again by Arcsin. It is bright citrus lime colored, with 2 column and widget support

DOWNLOAD Bitter Sweet WordPress Theme

7) Bright Pixel WordPress Theme

Bright Pixel WordPress ThemeBright Pixel WordPress Theme

DOWNLOAD Bright Pixel WordPress Theme

8) Blackbox Wordpress Theme

Blackbox Wordpress ThemeBlackbox Wordpress Theme is a single column smooth, monochrome, lightweight design in black and dark colors.

DOWNLOAD Blackbox Wordpress Theme

9) Shades of Gray Wordpress Theme

Shades of Gray Wordpress ThemeShades of Gray Wordpress Theme. Monochrome, lightweight and totally liquid. Option to choose between three different layouts.

DOWNLOAD Shades of Gray Wordpress Theme

10) Twilight Wordpress Theme

Twilight Wordpress ThemeTwilight Wordpress Theme

DOWNLOAD Twilight Wordpress Theme

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