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Dedicated Servers

dedicated servers, also called dedicated web hosting, provides custom hosting solutions on a single, dedicated server

Dedicated Servers

A Dedicated Server is a specific type of web hosting arrangement that involves the renting or leasing of a single server(s) for running your web based application. Also called Dedicated Hosting, utilizing a Dedicated Server in a more custom solution designed for web applications with more specific hosting requirements. 

Many web site utilize what is called 'Shared Web Hosting' which is where several websites are hosted on the same server, and several different companies rents space on the same server.  While much less expensive than the Dedicated Server scenario, Shared Web Hosting can be problematic for several reasons, including the fact that Search Engines may group sites on the same server together.  So for example, if your Shared Web Host is also providing hosting for an undesirable site, other sites that share that web  Without a dedicated server (dedicated hosting) you may run into problems with speed, reliability, bandwidth, and the ability to customize your web site environment. Web sites in need of a lot of disk space and large amounts of data transfer may opt to rent a dedicated server. Shared Web hosting is usually sufficient for most small and medium sized businesses.

Dedicated Servers can also provide additional benefits such as customization of your website development environment, dedicated IP address, unique C Class, and other specific software needs.  For the most part, Dedicated Servers are for larger companies with enterprises level web hosting needs.

More Information on Dedicated Servers
In dedicated web hosting, a client rents an entire server which is not shared with anybody else. It is very flexible, and the client has full control of the server. The only thing that is handled by the hosting company is administration, but even this can be handled by the owner/renter of the server.  This unique type of hosting provides an individual client with their own hosting server for their business. Because of this, people who use dedicated hosting will not be effected by high traffic websites that would have been shared on their server's bandwidth.

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